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Jesse Hawford

Atlanta, GA

Character Demo

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About Me

I am based just outside of Atlanta Georgia and currently do all my work remotely.Voice acting for me is a creative outlet and a passion where I get to create content that allows people to connect to a voice in a relatable way. My goal and ambition as an actor is to make every role believable, authentic, and relatable.I am working to continue to build up my art and share it with the world.JHVA are my initials with "voice actor" at the end. It reminded me of coffee, thus the coffee logo. But I personally remind myself of coffee. I can have many different flavors, sometimes cold, sometimes hot. Sometimes sweet, sometimes bitter. But overall I hope I as an actor can be loved and as unique as a cup of Java.

My Studio

I am currently recording from my home studio. I have an internet plan of 1000mbs / 100mbs.Location : walk in closet
Sound Treatment : Blankets and rockwool pillows
PC : Lenovo Laptop
Noise floor : -70db
Below is a quick raw sample of my studio space.

Neat King Bee

Microphone : Neat King Bee

Rode AI-1

Audio Interface : Rode AI-1


Digital Audio Workstation : Reaper

My Voice / Work

I currently am working with several indie projects. Most of the works are still in development. Below are some vocal samples I made to showcase my voice, and some are just fun projects I made or worked on. Please feel free to check out my Casting Call Club profile. There you can listen to some of my auditions as well as see some of the roles I have been cast in.

My Resume

My Resume